August 18, 2018
2 years, 3 months and 13 days since
our celebration.
Winn ~ Thomas ~ Lain ~ Henderson ~ Harris ~ Stevenson

First we bow in humble submission to God.  Giving honor and praise to those family members who came before us.  The individual(s) who labored and sacrificed so that we could live a life of freedom.

We give honor and praise to our family's rich and profound heritage.  African American history is one of the great human chronicles of all time.  It is the story of men and women who, with extraordinary courage and faith, prevailed against centuries of slavery, discrimination, and bondage to build lives for themselves and their families and to contribute immeasurably to the strength and character of our Nation.  It is the story of millions of people who arrived on these shores in chains, yet had the greatness of heart and spirit to love this country for its possibilities.  It is the story of generations of heroes who with their labor, voices, vision, and blood sought to change the essence of our society (our laws, institutions, and attitudes) to reflect the fundamental American ideas of freedom, justice, and equality.  African American history is ultimately the story of America's struggle to become a more perfect union.

As we celebrate our rich heritage, let us resolve to build on our records of accomplishments and successes.  We must ensure, as family members, that we continue our legacy towards building stronger families.  "The Family that Prays Together, Stays Together".

From 1850 to now... the Winn Legacy lives on.

A Little Bit of Winn History…
Our Story all begins with Hanna (Allen) and Green Winn...
Hanna & Green Winn had 17 children, 6 of which died at birth or thereafter. Eleven children survived, James (Uncle Boog), Green Jr., Nellie, Mittie (Aunt Mit), Hannah (Aunt Sang), David (Uncle Bud), Snyder, Sarah (Aunt Sally), Ernest (Uncle Prit), Lula, and Eliza.
The Green Winn Family came to Winnsboro, Louisiana from Texas around the time slavery was abolished and worked on the Ellis (Judge Ellis and Kerry Ellis) Plantation located in Winnsboro Louisiana (Franklin Parish).
Grandma Green was a mid-wife and it is believed that she delivered more babies in Franklin Parish than the doctors. Grandpaw Green was a preacher and loved to sing, play the banjo and accordion. He was also an established Black-Smith... 
In 1950, "The Winn Brothers" decided that the family should get together and pass on the proud and rich heritage of the Winn Family to its offspring.  Let us commit to establishing a specific time for the Winn Family to get together, every other year.  Our hope is that we can create a link from Texas to Louisiana to California tracing our roots and building on this rich heritage.

For more information about our family's history please contact our reunion committee's vice chair, Raymond Thomas, via email at
History of Winn Family Reunions…
The first family get-together was in 1950 at Alum Rock Park in San Jose, California.  The gathering was organized by the Winn Brothers (Snyder, David, and Fred).

1979 Richmond, California
1985 Vallejo, California
1988 Vallejo, California
1989 Winnsboro, Louisiana
1994 Vallejo, California
2001 Concord, California
2006 Vallejo, California
2008 Oakland, California
2010 San Leandro/Berkeley, California

2012 San Leandro/Oakland, California
2014 Vallejo, California
2016 Vallejo, California
2018 El Sobrante, California